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Our Services

Grounded Tree Service & Excavation is licensed, bonded, and insured to serve the residential and commercial community as a General Contractor in Northwest Washington and operates primarily in Clallam and Jefferson County. 

You can learn about the services we specialize in below. If you have questions and need direction regarding a project you think we can help you with but is not listed please call and inquire. If your project requires multiple contractors or is not within our field of expertise we'd be happy to offer you a recommendation with someone we know, love, and trust. 

What can we do for you?

Imagine working with a company that treats your project like their own. That's what you experience when you work with Grounded Tree Service & Excavation. When you win, we win. Our years of experience and expertise combined with our customer services and care create a superior stance in our field. We care about creating your ideal outdoor environment. Whether we are removing a hazardous tree looming over your home, digging in a culvert for water redirection, or clearing your land for your future home, our team can handle it. Over time and by request from our clients we have expanded our services to include building fences and decks, rock driveways, and foundations. We often extend our original projects and timelines to build a dream with our clients. Being multi-directional and resourceful gives us the leading edge that you can trust and rely on for a smooth process of beautifying your outdoor spaces and bringing your dream to life. 

Tree Limbing, Removal...

Our team of experts will safely remove any tree from your property, no matter the size or location. Trees that need limbing, topping, or shaping all fall under our expertise.

Stump Removal

Stumps can be visually unpleasing and problematic for future planting or building. Removing stumps can solve your issue and regain the space you desire. 

View Enhancement

Sometimes opening up a view of the mountains or water is just a matter of selecting a few trees, topping a handful, or cutting in a "window" that will have you celebrating the beauty around you.

Excavation: dirt & rock 

Much falls under this category! Driveways, ditches, culverts, pads, rock walls, road and trail building. If you can think of a project that needs an excavator or involves rock or dirt..we can do it. 

Controlled Brush Burning

Following land clearing, piles of brush and stumps can be unsightly, often expensive to haul away, and are best left to be burned. Our equipment and crew provide a safe way to burn.

Decks, Patios, & Fences

Do you need your existing deck replaced or envision a new wood or rock patio? How about a fence that creates privacy or serves to keep your kiddos and pets in?   

Land Clearing

One of our most requested services is land clearing. We know how to log and maximize your timber return, visualize your future plans, and begin the process of preparing the land.

Foundation prep

Do you have plans to build? A good foundation is the place to start. Leveling, grading, and providing proper drainage are the first steps. Give us a call and we can get started.

What Our Clients Say

Logs in Forest

Carolyn, Tree Removal

It has been a week since you guys took down the tree that we all worried about every time the wind blew. Thanks for doing such a great job. Walt and I agree we have seldom see a crew work so hard. We will always be happy to recommend you to anyone who needs the same. Cheers!"
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