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About Us

Don't dream your life, Live your dream.

These sweet faces are our kids and our greatest inspiration. For many years we've talked about what we are passionate about and what lessons we want to teach our children about life. What better way to SHOW them all they want in life is available to them so long as they believe in themselves and the universe, work hard, and go for it! We thank our friends, family, and clients for believing in us. 


Our Story

We established Grounded Tree Service in August 2015 as a one-man operation and have since grown into a full-service crew.


We have a great love of our home town. Both of us were born and raised in Port Angeles and are now raising our 5 kiddos in the Great Northwest! 


What we most love about owning our business is the community we are creating with our clients and other companies, being outside, and working for and in our hometown.


We are building relationships with new clients and loyal customers; those who live here and some who live out of state. We get to be a part of their story by enhancing their outdoor spaces with rock driveways into getaway properties, creating safety by removing hazardous trees, and clearing timber to build their dream home. We get to make dreams happen! 


Every call, every estimate, and every service we provide is given with the same amount of care, respect, and precision we would expect on our own projects. 


We began our company after adopting a motto of “Don’t dream your life. Live your dreams.” and it’s been fueling us ever since. We understand the pride of creating a family business as well as the importance of supporting locals at every opportunity we can. We like to stay #grounded and we hope you’ll choose #grounded the next time you need the services we provide.


We are Adam and Tasha Bruch.

This is our dream, our business, and our family all wrapped up into one incredible company.


You can learn more about how we've grown and owned our business over the last 8 years and get to know our Bruch Fam and Grounded Fam more by following us.

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Meet the Team

From owners to operators our team is made up of some incredible people.

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